YoCan Evolve
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YoCan Evolve
YoCan Evolve
YoCan Evolve

YoCan Evolve

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Powerful Wax Hits With YoCan Evolve Dual Quartz Coils

With the dual coils you will get powerful potent hits each time you use your Yocan Evolve wax pen. Two coils is definitely better than one if you are looking for full powered hits that are just like taking a dab with a torch and nail. These are not like the old styled vaporizer pens that would leave you wondering if you even feel each hit. This dual quartz atomizer will leave you ripped!

Taste Your Concentrate With Quartz Wick

With the dual quartz wicks you will get pure flavor from each and every hit. If you are using a high quality wax / oil you want to make sure that the coils you are using don't destroy the flavor. Many inferior vape pen designs will burn and give you a bad taste, however quartz wicks solved that problem.

Includes an Extra YoCan Evolve Coil

With the Evolve Yocan made sure these coils are high quality and will last a lot longer than many of the other inferior vape pens on the market. On top of that you will even get an extra coil included in the kit for free!

YoCan Evolve Battery is Powerful and Long Lasting

YoCan made sure to use a high quality high powered battery so you can keep on taking big hits for longer. No more worrying about vape pen batteries dying out on you after a few days. These batteries are made to give you solid hits time and time again. YoCan Evolve charging is simple, just plug the YoCan Evolve charger into usb and screw on the battery.

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