WAXXX Elite Kit
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WAXXX Elite Kit

WAXXX Elite Kit

  • $69.99

Potent Hits - Titanium Coils

If you are looking for a vape pen atomizer that packs a solid punch, this is the atomizer that you need! With the dual titanium coil design, you get twice as much power as most of the competitors pens. We have been doing dual coils since 2014 so we know how to make them right! With all titanium coils we make sure all of the best materials are used.

Pure Flavor - All Quartz  Wicks

The all quartz wicks give you pure flavor each and every time. No more burnt taste that comes from older vape pen materials. Quartz is a solid non porous material so they stay clean for longer than other pens.

Low Cost Replaceable Coils

No more needing to get a whole new atomizer and add waste to filling landfills. Our new elite skillet atomizer allows you to easily remove and replace coils. Since the part you replace for the coils is a much more affordable price, you don't have to spend a lot of money buying a new atomizer.

Coil Cover Keeps Everything Clean

With the new coil cover you don't have to worry about wax bubbling out of the chamber gluing the top on. No more having to throw out old atomizer because you cant refill them. This brand new feature keeps your atomizer clean just like the day you bought it after months of heavy use.

Low Temp Dabs

With our brand new carb hole feature we have invented, you are able to take low temp dabs. Low temp dabs give you more flavorful potent hits while being smoother on your lungs. Simply cover the carb hole while inhaling to create a low air pressure vacuum in the chamber, and your wax will vaporize at a lower temperature.

Works with Herb

On top of including a dual quartz coil, this kit also includes an herbal coil. The herbal coil has a flat surface so it will heat all of your product evenly.

High End Battery

This is a battery for people who want a high quality battery that will last them longer than other batteries on the market. Tired of cheaper batteries always breaking on you? Then this is the battery you need!

3 Different Heat Settings

Want full control over your vaporizing experience? Then this is the battery that you need! There are three different heat settings for this battery. You can turn it low for smoother hits, medium for average hits, and high for potent full powered hits.

High 4.3v

Medium 4.0v

Low 3.7v


1 x WAXXX Elite Skillet Atomizer

1 x GRO Elite Battery

1 x GROspot Elite Herbal Coil

1 x USB Line Charger

1 x GROspot Case


- Instructions


To turn the battery on or off simply push the button 5 times withing 3 seconds.

Adjust the Temperature Level

To adjust the temperature level, simply push the button 4 times within 3 seconds. the light on the bottom and button will change color indicating that the temperature has been changed.

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