WAXXX Dual Quartz Globe/Orb Coil
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WAXXX Dual Quartz Globe/Orb Coil

WAXXX Dual Quartz Globe/Orb Coil

  • $4.99

Fits Most Standard Globe / Orb Atomizer

These replacement coils are an easy way to upgrade your older outdated vape pen atomizers. They will work with most globe / orb / cannon type atomizers.

Potent Hits - Titanium Coils

If you are looking for a vape pen atomizer that packs a solid punch, this is the atomizer that you need! With the dual titanium coil design, you get twice as much power as most of the competitors pens. We have been doing dual coils since 2014 so we know how to make them right! With all titanium coils we make sure all of the best materials are used.

Pure Flavor - All Quartz Chamber & Wicks

The all quartz chamber and wicks give you pure flavor each and every time. No more burnt taste that comes from older vape pen materials. Quartz is a solid non porous material so they stay clean for longer than other pens.

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