The Dip Stick
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The Dip Stick

The Dip Stick

  • $79.99

Lowest Price on The Dipstick Vaporizer

We are making sure to offer you the lowest possible price on this vape. You will not find a lower price than what we are offering here!

Electric Nectar Collector

This kit is pretty much an electric nectar collector. Simply push the button, touch the coil down on to wax and inhale a fat hit. These work great and will leave you feeling ripped. Much more portable than a classic glass nectar collector and torch. The dip stick vape is a great tool to add to your dab collection.


  • Dipstick Body
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 2 x Coils Tips
  • 2 x Jars
  • Magnetic Top
  • Tool
  • Charger

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