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Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue

Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue

Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue

  • $69.99

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Popular Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder

If you are looking for an amazing weed grinder that will work amazing for years and be the coolest one out of all your friends, the Santa Cruz Shredders Vogue is your best choice. Santa Cruz Grinders are known for being some of the best around and this cannabis grinder lives up to their name.

Looks Like a Spray Can

This marijuana grinder was designed to look like a can of spray paint. The long cylindrical design gives you ample amount of room to store your herb. The grinder weed teeth are made very strong and will shred your herb to the perfect consistency. The holes in the grinder allow all the ground up herb to pass in to the storage container.

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