GRO Elite Battery
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GRO Elite Battery

GRO Elite Battery

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High End Battery

This is a battery for people who want a high quality battery that will last them longer than other batteries on the market. Tired of cheaper batteries always breaking on you? Then this is the battery you need!

3 Different Heat Settings

Want full control over your vaporizing experience? Then this is the battery that you need! There are three different heat settings for this battery. You can turn it low for smoother hits, medium for average hits, and high for potent full powered hits.


- Instructions


To turn the battery on or off simply push the button 5 times withing 3 seconds.

Adjust the Temperature Level

To adjust the temperature level, simply push the button 4 times within 3 seconds. the light on the bottom and button will change color indicating that the temperature has been changed.

High 4.3v

Medium 4.0v

Low 3.7v

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